The revolutionary lighting solution
for your compact indoor grow spaces

High yield –  Low energy consumption
Unlike most horticulture lighting systems, the ModuLED spectrum has been designed to ensure that it remains within the photon absorption curve. Why? Because it allows almost each photon to be fully used by the plants. No energy waste, maximal yield for you.

Maximum comfort in operation
With ModuLED fixed installation height, you no longer have to worry about raising the luminaire to match the plants gow. You spend your time with your plants, not with the infrastructure. Also, to adjust the lighting level and timing, there is no need for complex dimming and scheduling operation, The ModuLED grow controller adapts both to each phase of your plants grow.

Optimal use of space and safe crop protection
ModuLED forms a network of Light Pads that distributes the light all accross the cultivation area in such a way that an average homogeneity of 75% is always achieved. You can use the full surface of your cultivation area and maximize your results.

With ModuLED, you get both better results and an easier life !

High yield –
Low energy consumption

The latest scientific studies allow to identify an optimum Photon absorption curve. That curve sets the limit between the energy that is absorbed by plants and the one that is not.

“useful PPFD”
Only energy (photons) that lies within the ideal curve can be absorbed/used by plants.

“wasted PPFD”
Intensities that lie above the curve are reflected, then rejected and not used by plants. From the plants’ point of view, they represent a pure waste of energy.

ModuLED – 99% spectrum efficiency

Many lighting systems on the market emit a significant quantity of photons that are not used by the plants. In the typical example below, 33% of the photons are not used by the plants and purely wasted.

That means that the actual performance of luminaire (usefull PPFD) is 33% below its average PPFD.

The ModuLED spectrum has been designed from the very latest scientific discoveries to allow plants use almost every single emitted photon (99%), Therefore

  • you get a higher yield with lower energy consumption at the same time.
  • you don’t run the risk of burning your plants during the faster growth phases.
  • you have the best recipe for your plant cultivation to reach the next level in crop management .

Intensity efficiency of a standard horticulture luminaire

ModuLED intensity efficiency

Light for every plant

Tents are a very specific growing environment. The horticultural lighting system is the only source of light and energy for the plants. Each of them must therefore receive the right amount of light. For example, during the flowering phase, plants such as tomatoes, peppers, cannabis or cucumber should receive a minimum of 500 µmol/m2/s of energy and, ideally, a maximum of 1000µmol/m2/s. This represents a minimum homogeneity rate of 50% between the best lit and the darkest point of the tent.

By creating a network of light pads perfectly distributed over the entire surface of the tent, Plantlife Technologies is the only luminaire manufacturer that achieves a minimum 75% homogeneity accross the whole tent surface.

Each plant receives exactly the right amount of light it needs. This allows for an extremely homogeneous harvest without having to regularly rotate the plants during their cultivation.

The right illumination for
each growth phase

When they are young, plants are extremely fragile and require only a minimal light intensity, whereas when they reach flowering stage, they need up to 10 times more energy. Moreover, lighting duration plays an essential role in the development of the plant. It is in particular the shift from 18h / day to 12h / day of this duration that triggers the flowering of the plant.

It is therefore essential to provide the plants, each day, with a duration and quantity of light specifically adapted to each of their growth phases.

ModuLED‘s power and growth controller allows users to select the right intensity and duration settings for each phase of the plant‘s growth in a single move. This way, ModuLED avoids any mistake in the lighting dosage and offers, in a simple way, the ideal lighting conditions for a perfectly successful harvest.

1 Cutting mode
2 Seedling mode
3 Vegetative mode
4 Vegetative boost mode
5 Blooming mode